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The Latest Development of Ransomware Discovered to be Clever

There are things that you need to know about the latest development of ransomware!

IT Infrastructure - Everything You Need to Know about Dedicated Cloud Hosting

With Dedicated Cloud Hosting, you simply own your cloud infrastructure with its own dedicated security, performance, and capability, and you are de[...]

Not all you see on the internet is safe, and you may not know that you are already one of the victims.

As of this moment, a lot of issues have arisen on the internet, and one of those is the extraordinary videos or photos that can influence and affec[...]

Don’t Take the Bait of Scamming

Be careful with what you click, think first. Websites during these times are not generally secured, and even e-mails with website link attachments [...]

Phishing Attacks: The Latest Threat that We Need to Look Out For.

Going back, 2018 was a lively year for online security professionals, and now 2019 is already shaping up to be more of the similar.

Top 5 Free Mobile Apps you should download this 2019

Do you have any idea which mobile applications are quite useful to have? Here are five of the most valuable applications that you should download s[...]

Web Design: Making the First Impression Matter

50 milliseconds. That’s all it takes for a user to form an opinion about staying or leaving your website. In that short amount of time, can y[...]

Maintaining A Website at Bay Keeps the Problems Away

Regularly checking your website’s health helps flag down any issues before it escalates into a more serious problem. Here are some guidelines[...]

Scam Apps Steal Cash via Apple’s Touch ID

Nowadays mobile apps come with a variety of uses: playing games, learning a new hobby, sending money, ordering food, connecting to friends, and eve[...]