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Top 5 Free Mobile Apps you should download this 2019

Posted on: Thursday, February 28, 2019

Do you have any idea which mobile applications are quite useful to have? Here are five of the most valuable applications that you should download since these are very essential to your daily activities:

  1. Lifestyle - Fabulous: Daily Motivation & Habit Tracker
    It is important to have a personal coach monitoring your everyday life to reach the best version of yourself. This lifestyle application can offer you a wealth of benefits, helping you with many different categories of your life, from cooking, to maintaining a diet, to exercising, shopping, developing your career, and much more.

  2. File Sharing – SHAREit
    We really aim for the best and we don’t like to waste time on any delays when we have an option to make things efficient. This application grants a safe connection across all types of devices and has a delivery speed faster than other software of the same kind.

  3. File Organizer – Files Go
    Being organized makes us more productive and less-crowded with tasks. This file organizer can really help you like an assistant that arranges your schedule for you. The application categorizes your files so that you will be able to find a certain file instantly once you need it. You can also maximize it by using it as a storage for files such as photos and videos to free up space from your phone.

  4. Productivity – Evernote
    Having a productivity application is very vital in order to identify if we are maximizing our time and if we are spending it wisely. Furthermore, this tool helps you focus on what matters most and will give you easy access to your information when you need it.

  5. Expense Tracker – AndroMoney
    As an adult, you may struggle to save money and you will always wonder where all your money goes. Being organized in things is beneficial, but tracking your expense is equally necessary. We definitely need to know the value of having expense tracker in order for us to have enough money for both our daily and future needs.

Of course, we don’t want you to prioritize just your daily tasks, but also your safety as well. Thus, we will share to you a bonus application for being mindful.

  1. Anti-Virus - Avast Mobile Security
    Everyone knows that a computer needs security, but did you know that mobile devices also need the similar security a computer should have? The online world nowadays is full of malware and viruses that any device will need protection from unwanted attackers. We will have no idea when and how they will attack us. Good thing for us, the Avast Mobile Security is available for us to download in order to defend ourselves from the cyberattacks that may come our way.

It is always best to choose ways that make our lives much easier and meaningful. Do you imagine owning your dream mobile app? Then wait no more! WebFocus is here to offer you great services that will suit your every need and want perfectly. To find out more about us, visit our website at

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