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IT Infrastructure - Everything You Need to Know about Dedicated Cloud Hosting

Posted on: Friday, March 8, 2019

With Dedicated Cloud Hosting, you simply own your cloud infrastructure with its own dedicated security, performance, and capability, and you are definitely separated from other cloud owners. This type of server is primarily meant for large projects and businesses. It fits extremely well with a resource-intensive scope of work with customizable data rates that depend on the projected demand. Dedicated Cloud Hosting can also deliver multiple gateways to the internet, which allows each virtual data center created to have its own network and firewall configuration.

Dedicated cloud solutions are the best choice for many owners and executives that look for better control over their data since they will get a lot of advantages such as configurations and solutions that are customized to fit directly with their business and people. However, many of them still do not know some essential benefits that will help them utilize and maximize the capability of dedicated cloud servers. In light of this matter, here are 5 benefits that dedicated cloud hosting can give owners and executives such as you:

  1. Exclusiveness
    The entire web server is yours. You have exclusive use for all CPU or RAM and bandwidth. You are the one responsible for security measures, managing it with an operating system and control panel of your liking. In short, the server itself is adjustable, scalable, and amendable. The way you decide to use your dedicated hosting plan is in your own control.
  2. Flexibility
    One of the benefits of a dedicated server can give you is being able to cope with your expanding business necessities. You can easily customize it based on your needs, especially when new opportunities occur or a sudden boost in the market happens. You will also have the freedom to add features and applications since you have the resources all to yourself. If you need to expand your storage or need storage for your back-up, then the dedicated server is right for you. You can also decide on your own server configuration based on your business requirements.
  3. Reliability
    One of the greatest advantages of shifting to a dedicated server is the server’s enhanced reliability since it can provide the fast loading of websites under the said infrastructure. Basically, you will worry only about the traffic coming to your website. A thousand occurrences running under a shared environment can affect the speed of your website. Browser compatibility, ads, and poorly optimized images are among them, but if you are the sole owner of all your resources, you will have complete control over the bandwidth you need.
  4. Security
    There are a minor risk and great security against malware and viruses since you’re the only one using the server. However, you should not be complacent with this set-up as you still need to maintain your environment to make sure you’re safe from outside threats. You can run any sort of scripts and software, and deploy security measures such as firewalls and anti-viruses, whichever suits your needs. Lastly, your back-up plans when security breaches occur to make sure your business can swiftly get back on track as soon as possible.
  5. Rewarding Investment and Value for Money
    A dedicated cloud server is certainly a powerful solution for businesses. It comes with a higher cost than other solutions, but you will benefit from high power, storage, and bandwidth to host your business. You will have private use of the server, and it is yours alone. The benefits you will attain from having a server with vast specs will surely offset the cost of this service, with the added perks of having physical security and technical support from your hosting provider.

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