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Not all you see on the internet is safe, and you may not know that you are already one of the victims.

Posted on: Wednesday, March 6, 2019

As of this moment, a lot of issues have arisen on the internet, and one of those is the extraordinary videos or photos that can influence and affect a teenager’s or a child’s thinking. The truth behind this concern is that the photos or videos are controlled by someone who is likely targeting your personal information in order to use this for vicious acts such as getting money through your bank account details.

The best example for this matter is the Momo Challenge, where a weird image and video containing threatening messages is used to scare people, especially innocent children. From our research, we found out that this Momo figure, who has an image of a grotesque woman with wide eyes and a terrifyingly stretched-out mouth, is based on a sculpture called “Mother Bird.” The figure was stolen from a piece of work created by Japanese sculpture artist Keisuke Aisawa for a special effects company named Link Factory.

According to online rumors, a certain application spreads the disturbing image or video and intends to convince the receivers to execute challenges, ranging from waking up at definite times to harm themselves, to delivering suicidal messages through WhatsApp and Facebook. Several stories also show that the trending challenge influences people, especially children, to do different things based on what Momo tells them to do. However, despite the lack of information, police infer that this trend was caused and circulated by hackers.

It always better to obey the articles of credible sources rather than regret not following their advice. The phishing scam is really playing a role in developing different kinds of ways to spread malice and treachery to the online world. Secure your family and even your businesses, because you might be one of the victims. Make a decision now, and go to our website to know how to protect yourself from these scams.


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