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Phishing Attacks: The Latest Threat that We Need to Look Out For.

Posted on: Friday, March 1, 2019

Going back, 2018 was a lively year for online security professionals, and now 2019 is already shaping up to be more of the similar. How will phishing attacks reach you? What do you need to do in order to identify if there is a phishing attack happening? Is it through opening a phishing email, clicking suspicious ads, engaging in social media, accessing fake log-in browsers, verifying URL accuracy, or if the site is using HTTPS?

Nowadays, we really can’t deny that there are a lot of cybersecurity attacks occurring in the online world. Most internet users at this time are also relying on basic security practices to detect if sites they have accessed such as “” or “” are fake or not, but you may still fall victim to the latest creative phishing attack and end up giving away your passwords to the hackers.

Antoine Vincent Jebara, co-founder and CEO of Myki, a password managing software, said that his team recently spotted a new phishing attack campaign that even the most cautious and alert users can fall for. This occurrence prompts us to really look out for phishing attacks as these continue to innovate and find ways to adapt to different security features and applications.

According to Mr. Jebara, “Cybercriminals are allocating links to blogs and services that motivate visitors to first login using Facebook account to read an exclusive article or obtain a discounted product.” In the light of this matter, logging-in using the social media services is a reliable and common technique that is being practiced by a huge number of websites so that users will be able to sign-up through a medium they trust rather than directly registering to a third-party service.



However, there is a technique to protect yourself from this form of phishing attack. In fact, Mr. Jebara discovered that we can actually try to draw the motive away from the window that is presently shown on your browser. From this, the percentage of the phishing attacks decreases over time as we discover ways to counter this issue and identify that these are fraudulent acts aiming at malicious goals.

In order to prevent hackers from entering your online accounts and gaining access to your credentials, the best way is to allow two-factor authentication for every feasible service.

Phishing attacks are still a dominant threat, particularly to users as well as companies, and hackers remain to innovate new ways to deceive you into giving away your sensitive and confidential information that can be utilized to hack your online accounts or steal your money.

To defend ourselves from these attacks and keep our data safe, we need to open our mind about the cybersecurity threats around us. Safety is a choice you should make. Make this choice now! Let us all unite to avoid phishing scams, and choose WebFocus Solutions, Inc. because data security is our no.1 priority! Visit to know more about our data security features and practices.


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