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Brand Impersonation on Social Media That You Should Watch For

Posted on: Monday, April 22, 2019

Have you ever been scammed? Are you frightened about the growing amount of phishing attacks stated each day? There is a form of phishing attack where scammer disguise to be a certain brand and it is categorized to be a Brand Impersonation. Several brands are spreading through social media and no one can stop them. Social Media sites are great source to stay connected with your friends and relatives. Brand impersonation comes about when a deceiver creates brand imitation page or an account on social media, using the account to gain confidence of trusting consumers or to conduct other activities that harm the targeted brand. It is common problems of many brand today.

Here’s some of the examples that you might encounter

  1. Online contests or raffles
    People like getting or winning free items, especially if the prize is a high-end phone or a luxury car. Scammers take advantage of this  In the form of this, scammer will boost the contest post to encourage people to join by means of luxury items to deceived joiners. Through the said contest they will used it to get your contact details. Furthermore, after the closing date of contest, there will be no declared winner and the page will be deleted. As it takes place, that will be the start that you will be receiving phishing emails and/or your bank accounts will be compromised. That will start you to think that the page and contest itself are absolutely illegitimate. Although, don’t worry because Facebook set stricter rules to assure contest joiner that their contact details were in safe hand or can’t be acquired easily.
  2. Imitation of the official brand page
    Appear in particular way, that scammer produce pages that looks similar with official company page that makes people unsuspicious. Therefore, scammer take advantage of it to entertains any inquiry received in terms of the company’s services and might use it in particular to acquire your personal and bank accounts of people, that will use to get your money and modify your accounts’ password. However, you don’t need to be bother because social media sites have already improved official account to verify and have check symbol. Further, to secure any transactions with the page.
  3. Pretending to be a representative of a specific brand
    People nowadays can be easily be deceived through preaching or giving doubtful free product or service. Person can freely introduce himself that he is part of the specific brand and ask for a survey to get your info which is part of their tactics. But this is a warned to public people that you shouldn’t be transact or give your personal information easily.

It is clearly their intention is to obtain your sensitive information and to ruin the reputation of their preferred brand. It is indeed undoubtedly that social media has on a large scale of brand impersonation attacks. Carefully verify it first, if there is a set of unknown negotiating to you. Furthermore, we can’t deny the fact that well-known brand has much of credibility to be trusted by people. To learn more, check us out at for more valuable information.

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