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Web Design: Making the First Impression Matter

50 milliseconds. That’s all it takes for a user to form an opinion about staying or leaving your website. In that short amount of time, can y[...]

Maintaining A Website at Bay Keeps the Problems Away

Regularly checking your website’s health helps flag down any issues before it escalates into a more serious problem. Here are some guidelines[...]

Benefits of having an e-Commerce Website

Businesses are changing and evolving the way customers shop online. With the rapid transition from traditional market to e-Commerce, businesses adj[...]

Ways to Generate Traffic in your Website

A website is the forefront of your business. It gives information, answer inquiries and can generate leads.  Website traffic refers to the use[...]

Cyber Security Tips for Holiday Online Shopping

It’s Christmas season again! This means people are making purchases online to avoid the long lines at the mall. Expect that a lot of consumer[...]

Why you should invest in a website?

Know more about the value a website brings to your business. We got 7 reasons why you should invest. Check it out!

Building Connections Through Technology

Last November 16, 2018, a partnership event took place between WebFocus Solutions, Inc. and the Philippine Association of Legitimate Services Contr[...]

WebFocus joins PALSCON's 8th National Forum

WebFocus participated in the Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors’ 8th National Forum entitled The Future of Our Work: In[...]

WebFocus at the 7th Philippines SME Business Expo

Last October 17-18 2018, the 7th SME Business Expo (“Boost Your Business”) was held at SMX Convention Centre, organized by MediaCom Sol[...]