Maintaining A Website at Bay Keeps the Problems Away

Posted on: February 18, 2019

Many website owners still believe in the age-old idiom “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is why when their website suddenly goes down, takes time to load, or gets attacked by hackers, they find themselves scrambling to fix these issues and salvage what’s left of their website.

Regularly checking your website’s health helps flag down any issues before it escalates into a more serious problem. Here are some guidelines that can keep your website healthy and free from any vulnerabilities:

  1. Ensure your website hosting is secure
    Free web hosting is very vulnerable to cyberattacks because it often includes little to no security. Secured web hosting defends your website and your visitors’ data from attacks, and may even provide other services such as daily site monitoring, regular data backup, and 24/7 customer services.

  2. Improve your website’s loading speed
    Websites can load slower over time due to the number of articles, images, videos, and other types of data being uploaded into them during their lifetime. The slower the website, the faster you will lose your potential clients. You can check your website’s loading speed using Google Page Speed Insights ( This free tool from Google rates your website’s loading speed and even provides recommendations on how you can improve it.

  3. Install security plugins and apps
    Hackers are constantly coming up with new tricks to take advantage of website vulnerabilities, and any website can be their next target, including yours. Prevent them from easily getting access to your valuable data by installing security plugins and apps immediately.

  4. Check content for duplicates
    Duplicating your content can affect how search engines perceive your website. To make sure that your content remains unique, have it checked by a plagiarism checker tool. These tools can detect how much of your content is unique and can even pinpoint sites that have very similar content to yours.

  5. Replace or remove broken links
    If your website has been around for a long time, you probably have about a dozen or so links on your content, most of which you haven’t visited in a while. It can be very frustrating for users when they click one of these links and end up on a non-existing page or website. Sites like WordPress offer plugins that can go through all the links in your website and check if they are still working or not.

If you want to be assured that your website is secured and healthy, WebFocus is here to help you! Talk to us at or call us at 706-5796 and we will gladly take away all your worries.

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