Epitome of Loyalty and dedication

Posted on: June 02, 2021

In any relationship, nothing is more attractive than giving your loyalty. This is also true when working in a company. Loyal and dedicated employees are considered as strong allegiance of the management and great asset of the company. It is because they help the company establish a good credibility as an employer and project a respectable reputation in the business industry.

Such gem is found in WebFocus! For 18 years, Ms. Myrna Glorioso has demonstrated loyalty and dedication to her company. Her humble beginnings started when she applied as Admin Assistant in 2003 when WebFocus was just a bud that awaits to bloom. In a span of 3 months, she got her promotion as Sales Executive which paved the way for WebFocus to close big projects and numerous partnerships.

To reciprocate her good performance and dedication, she has gained several awards and recognitions for consistently being the top performer in Sales.

Also known as "Mommy", she is one of the beloved mother figures in WSI especially within her team. She is also the “walking historian” of WSI, remembering in detail the historical background, business relationships and even the client pet peeves of every project of the company within those 18 years. Her knowledge, skills and experience has made her a valuable reference whenever her younger colleagues encounter any issues, whether it is at work or even in life.

True to her favorite saying “Alone, we can do little but together we can do so much”, one of her good traits is being a team player. In every project that she’s been working on, she is generous in extending a helping hand to ensure timely completion of the project.

Indeed Ms. Myrna is an inspiration to everyone and a living legacy of WSI. Kudos to you, Ms. Myrna! Thank you for all your valuable contribution.

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