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Posted on: August 21, 2022

The Rule of Law Month and National Peace Consciousness Month occur every September in the Philippines, with proclamation No. 713 and Proclamation No. 675 respectively.  Proclamation No. 713 was issued to ensure that all individuals, institutions, and establishments abide by the country’s rules.  Rules are made to maintain human rights and peace.  While Proclamation No. 675, was issued to instill consciousness and understanding of the importance of peace in the Filipino people.

To follow the rule of law is to be a rule-abiding, just, and upright being.  The rule of law is our guard against tyranny, it is our ally as the free people of our fair nation.  Without the rule of law, anarchy and lawlessness would reign.  Our means of determining our freedom, fulfillment, and happiness shall not materialize.

The 2022 National Peace Consciousness Month’s theme is “Healing as One Nation, Recovering as a Better Generation”.  As the worst effects of Covid-19 subside, the lessons we learned from such turmoil must be preserved and put to good use as we recover.  We must better ourselves should the time comes for our future generations to face another turmoil.  They shall be prepared to face it with faces held high so that they may save many more than today’s generations have.

We at WebFocus Solutions apply the principle of the rule of law, both in motive and spirit.  In our work environment, we treat others fairly, honestly, and transparently as we held ourselves accountable not just to ourselves but to others as well.  WebFocus motivates their employees and also polishes them to excellence and competence whilst ensuring their fulfillment and happiness are met.  WebFocus is committed to maintaining a peaceful and harmonious relationship with all of its employers and employees.  By maintaining and bettering its harmonious relationship with all of its employees, they exhibit efficiency, competency, and loyalty.  Employees can work and coordinate with each other with no worries as we focus a considerable number of resources to ensure that discord does not sow chaos and disharmony.

As we celebrate the Rule of Law Month and National Peace Consciousness Month this September 2022, we at WebFocus, eagerly await your application to become part of the WSI family.  Join us!! submit your resume at or


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