Knowledge of the Past and Wisdom of Today

Posted on: October 09, 2022

Learning from the past is the key to success, as we observe and celebrate October’s holidays and observances, let us do the same for ourselves and our company.  To honor past events, highlights, and other important parts of our history, so that we may learn what has, and predict what will.  We should learn from the past to improve ourselves to newer and better heights and standards, to emphasize our business arts, ethics, and culture that is no doubt interwoven so deeply in ourselves and our business.

Some of the events this October are Museum & Galleries Month, Elderly Filipino Week, Kindness to Animal Day, Teachers Day, Indigenous People’s Day, Local Government Day, United Nations Week, Phil-Britt Friendship Day, National Archives Day, National Town Week, and Halloween.
From the Museum and Galleries and Elderly Filipino week, we learn of the circumstances of things back then, how things were done, what life and business looked like, and what people were like.  From the origins of an entity to the highs and lows, the events that happened, and the circumstances.  History is stuffed with little nuggets of wisdom, and where more can we learn such wisdom than museums that are dedicated to preserving and exhibiting the past.  

It paints a clear picture of why the present is as it is, and upon learning of the present, we can predict the future and guide ourselves to it, and as we strive for a newer and better future, let us all observe the act of kindness to all living things.  Choose friendship and learn to put differences aside. Most importantly, to appreciate the past/present sacrifices, hardships, reliefs, and investments of yore to pave our way to a future that we desire.

Here at WebFocus, their combined teachings, knowledge, and wisdom are preserved by the quality of work we put into every single one of our products and services.

WebFocus wishes everyone a happy and joyous October!

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